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Esintype Digital Font Foundry is a typeface design studio that designs fonts for print and digital media, started in 2020 by Ali Riza Esin and Ege Esin. We work for retail and custom font projects.

Esintype create fonts with aesthetic and technological care as a result of a working method prioritizing research and testing processes, focusing on contributing to the cultural diversity of the Latin type and its ancient roots in Anatolia.

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Esintype monogram

Symbol in our logo is a monogram supposed to consisting of capital letters E and T, which also form our registered initial. We were inspired by an undeciphered Hieroglyphic Luwian1 logogram, which is an Anatolian Hieroglyphs A242 (character), CCW rotated, simplified and stylized.

Esintype monogram variable weights

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  1. Luwian or Hieroglyphic Luwian is the name of the language. Anatolian Hieroglyphs or Luwian Hieroglyphs or Hittite Hieroglyphs are the names given to the writing system of this language. ↩︎


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