• Repurposed inscription

    Repurposed inscription

    A peacock drinking water from the empty foot holes of an inscribed statue base.

  • Polias the Second

    Polias the Second

    Polias won 2nd place in the Typography Guru’s Font of the Month Competition as one of the best font releases of August 2022.

  • Two Masters

    Two Masters

    It may not be possible to accurately appreciate Emin Barın’s Latin script works without his graduate school background and his revivals of Rudolph Koch’s Neuland and Kabel fonts.

  • Priene Inscription

    Priene Inscription

    Judging by the Strabo narrative, the dedication by Alexander the Great of the new temple for Athena Polias in Priene is a rather interesting story.

  • Polias & Polias Varia release

    Polias & Polias Varia release

    The first releases of Tituli Anatolian Project finally revealed: Polias and Polias Varia. While Polias has 8 static weight options, Polias Varia, literally, is a variable font.

  • Fun with Apple Maps

    Fun with Apple Maps

    The easiest way to see the imperfections in a letter design is to look at it upside down. It is also easier to see spacing inconsistencies between letters with this method.