Sultanhan (X.14.). Museum of Anatolian Civilizations (Ankara), May 27, 2024. Photo by author.

Anatolithic is here!

As we are experiencing exciting times these days, after a challenging process of research and development, we are now pleased to announce the launch of Anatolithic. Anatolithic is now available as a comprehensive and current iteration of Anatolian Hieroglyphs, accompanied by an extended Latin monolinear sans-serif typeface.

Anatolithic takes its name from the stone artifacts of Anatolia’s pre-Classical antiquity. As a localization technique, the name can be rendered in seven languages, including Anadolitik (Turkish), Anatolithisch (Deutsch), Anatolithique (Française), depending on the computer on which it is used.

Cover: Sultanhan (X.14.) inscription. Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, Stone Artifacts Hall, May 2024. Photo by author.

Anatolithic has two concepts, each with its own glyph sets:

  1. Anatolithic Base consists of the essential 583 glyphs, which are recognized as the complete Anatolian Hieroglyphs sign repertoire.
  2. Anatolithic contains 649 Anatolian Hieroglyphs among over 1200 glyphs, including additional forms as character variants and stylistic alternates OpenType features. Anatolithic features an extended Latin script set with a limited number of pseudo-hieroglyphic character alternates that could be considered for use as optional letterforms. Those characters represent the vowels found in the nouns Anatolia and Anatolithic.

Anatolithic is available for evaluation and purchase on MyFonts. One of the hieroglyphic-only styles, Anatolithic Base 64, is for free download.

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