End User License Agreements

Esintype fonts come with different End User Licence Agreements (EULA) for the various using purposes and conditions. Each license is valid with the definitions, terms and conditions in its content and cannot be used interchangeably.

In case of any discrepancy between the documents on this website and the documents on the website that distributes Esintype fonts, whose terms are accepted at the time of sale, the EULA document published on the website where the purchase is made and presented with the font files will be considered valid and their terms and conditions are applied as stated.

License Types and FontShop EULAs1

The following End User License Agreements apply to sales made through

Sales made through other sales channels are subject to other license agreements for the relevant systems.

License TypeLicensesDescription
DesktopDesktop Fonts End User License Agreementfor use on a desktop
ePubePub Licensefor embedding in e-text products
AppFont Software EULA App LTfor embedding in mobile applications
ServerServer Licensefor applications that produce a deliverable with fonts embedded
WebfontsWebfonts Pay-Once End User License Agreementfor websites
Digital AdDigital Ad License Agreement ( use in HTML ads
Esintype End User License Agreements website

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