Tituli Anatolian

  • Minnak is out!

    Minnak is out!

    Minnak is a new human made font family with 11 linear progression uniwidth weights.

  • Priene Inscription

    Priene Inscription

    Judging by the Strabo narrative, the dedication by Alexander the Great of the new temple for Athena Polias in Priene is a rather interesting story.

  • Polias & Polias Varia release

    Polias & Polias Varia release

    The first releases of Tituli Anatolian Project finally revealed: Polias and Polias Varia. While Polias has 8 static weight options, Polias Varia, literally, is a variable font.

  • Tituli Anatolian notes

    Tituli Anatolian notes

    This project can be considered as a workshop on some parts of a very comprehensive whole, determined by aesthetic criteria from the perspective of typography.

  • History on the rocks

    History on the rocks

    All kinds of them are live here already, spread over a wide geography. The inscriptions. History on the rocks (pun intended).

  • Corpus excavation report 2020–2022

    Corpus excavation report 2020–2022

    Typeface design is a multidisciplinary field that is both inclusive and multi-layered. Research is an integral part of the process, and in all these aspects it is close to the field of Archeology. Take this as a metaphor if you wish.