Minnak’s poster design on screen

Minnak is out!

Our new typeface Minnak has been released. The third piece of our catalog, the second typeface release of Tituli Anatolian Project, has finally come to light.

Minnak is a new human made font family with 11 linear progression uniwidth weights. Whole geometric, a modular and multiplexed sans. Constructed with rectangular and 45° diagonals only. No contrast, no optical correction. You can read details about its genre and design on its page.

Minnak pangram, English

Proto-Minnak, the backbone of the parent project

Although Minnak is a reasonably simplex typeface, it’s the fruit of a big tree that also directs our other ongoing works. It is part of a broader platform whose character count and multi-script features span the scripts of extinct languages, adapted to modern practices through subsetting.1

This stage of the project was largely completed in 2021, but 2023 took the credit.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry quote with Minnak Ultra Light
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry quote with Minnak Ultra Light


  1. Reduced to a set of Latin script only, even Cyrillic and Greek scripts were dropped. ↩︎