Tituli Anatolian

Tituli Anatolian is both the name of Esintype’s research project on the ancient scripts of Anatolia and the collective name of the font families series produced as a result of that study.

Tituli Anatolian plate

Selected seven typeface projects were included in the study. It is aimed that each of them reflect a period and style of Anatolian inscriptions. One of the typeface families will have a comprehensive multiscript feature suitable for use in epigraphic publications. These fonts will have extensive language support covering Latin scripts including European languages, Greek alphabets including some Anatolian dialects, four ancient Anatolian scripts including Phrygian, for which the Unicode regulation has not yet been published, and five other antique alphabets with no linguistic affinity.

Below is a list of fonts produced and released or to be released within the scope of the project. Just below that, there is a link to a blog post that talks about the historical background.

This page will be updated with any progress.


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Tituli Anatolian notes

Notes and remarks about historical background of the inscriptions we research. In short, the Tituli Anatolian series is about the writings between 800 BC and 400 AD, reaching the present day from 2800–1600 years ago.

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Corpus excavation report 2020–2022

We believe that research, discovering and collecting information studies of ancient remains —epichoric inscriptions in particular— are crucial to the better understanding of archaic and ancient alphabets, before studying their descendants.

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Anatolian scripts in scope

  • Carian
  • Lycian
  • Lydian
  • Phrygian
All scripts in scope outside of the basic Cyrillic, Greek, Latin, and Extended Latin sets
Script NameUnicode Range
PhrygianNone (PUA)
Anatolian HieroglyphsU+14400–U+1467F
Greek & CopticU+0370–U+03FF
Greek ExtendedU+1F00–U+1FFF
Old HungarianU+10C80–U+10CFF
Old ItalicU+10300–U+1032F
Old South ArabianU+10A60–U+10A7F
Old TurkicU+10C00–U+10C4F