• Polias & Polias Varia release

    Polias & Polias Varia release

    The first releases of Tituli Anatolian Project finally revealed: Polias and Polias Varia. While Polias has 8 static weight options, Polias Varia, literally, is a variable font.

  • Fun with Apple Maps

    Fun with Apple Maps

    The easiest way to see the imperfections in a letter design is to look at it upside down. It is also easier to see spacing inconsistencies between letters with this method.

  • Tituli Anatolian notes

    Tituli Anatolian notes

    This project can be considered as a workshop on some parts of a very comprehensive whole, determined by aesthetic criteria from the perspective of typography.

  • Cockerell’s letter

    Cockerell’s letter

    In 1817, a compilation book was published with content selected from the impressions of British travelers from their journeys to the East. Its editor was Robert Walpole. This is a book known as Walpole’s Turkey.

  • The Timotheus of Miletus Papyrus

    The Timotheus of Miletus Papyrus

    First, the Timotheos of Miletus papyrus is likely to be the oldest surviving Hellenic script among Egyptian papyri. It is said to be the oldest of the Greek manuscripts.

  • Inscription article example

    Inscription article example

    A typical example of a tomb inscription from the fifth century BC. It features time-specific Ionic typeface and typesetting such as monoline, dotted Theta, and four-line Sigma.