• The Timotheus of Miletus Papyrus

    The Timotheus of Miletus Papyrus

    First, the Timotheos of Miletus papyrus is likely to be the oldest surviving Hellenic script among Egyptian papyri. It is said to be the oldest of the Greek manuscripts.

  • Inscription article example

    Inscription article example

    A typical example of a tomb inscription from the fifth century BC. It features time-specific Ionic typeface and typesetting such as monoline, dotted Theta, and four-line Sigma.

  • Blank Page Tablet

    Blank Page Tablet

    Think two flat wooden boards with ivory hinges to fold them. On their inside faces, raised edges surround the rough surfaces with diagonally hatched scratches.

  • History on the rocks

    History on the rocks

    All kinds of them are live here already, spread over a wide geography. The inscriptions. History on the rocks (pun intended).

  • Corpus excavation report 2020–2022

    Corpus excavation report 2020–2022

    Typeface design is a multidisciplinary field that is both inclusive and multi-layered. Research is an integral part of the process, and in all these aspects it is close to the field of Archeology. Take this as a metaphor if you wish.

  • Seaside comma

    Seaside comma

    A stone I’m glad I found. It’s Bold by nature.