• Corpus excavation report

    Corpus excavation report

    Typeface design is a multidisciplinary field that is both inclusive and multi-layered. Research is an integral part of the process, and in all these aspects it is close to the field of Archeology. Take this as a metaphor if you wish.

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  • Seaside comma

    Seaside comma

    A stone I’m glad I found. It’s Bold by nature.

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  • Glyphs Turkish localization

    Glyphs Turkish localization

    We proudly announce that the Turkish translation of the Glyphs 3 application has finally been completed.

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  • Paverify release

    Paverify release

    Happy to announce that our first release launched today! Paverify is a new typeface inspired by a paver block… No joke.

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  • Hello!


    Designing typefaces is a never-ending process. The never-ending process of making things even better.

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